Hot Meals

Our hot meal delivery service is the heart of what we do here at Grace Dieu Meals. Our carefully chosen menus include a wide variety of food, including allergen-friendly and vegetarian options, and a variety of desserts. 

Delivered in our professionally converted oven vans, we guarantee the food arrives piping hot and as fresh as can be! 

Frozen Meals

Our frozen meal delivery service is a great back up option for some customers. We can deliver a single frozen meal or in bulk, and can even load them directly into your freezer for you. This is a great choice for some customers who would like a meal later in the day, or for a carer to cook on their visits, etc!

Tea Time Treat

Our tea time treat option is a result of plenty of market research and customer surveys, so here it is!

The tea time treat is the option for a sandwich, cake and drink which can be delivered at the same time as the hot meals - these are a perfect meal at tea time if you've already had your hot meal!

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Alternative Delivery Slots

Alternative delivery time slots are an upcoming part of our business. Our usual delivery time slot is between 11.30am and 2pm, however, it can be arranged for a later time slot, between 3.30pm to 5.30pm, subject to conditions. Please contact the office for more info!